The Jewish Museum and the Jewish Synagogue

It is housed in a 19th century neoclassical building at the beginning of the old town Plaka. It was founded with the aim of collecting, studying, preserving and exhibiting the artifacts that reflect the life, history, customs and tradition of the Greek Jews. At the same time it presents a rich educational activity. The Greek-Jewish heritage is an important part of the international Jewish heritage, as many important Rabbis, researchers and mystics lived and worked in Greece. Its collection includes more than 10,000 artifacts, such as documents, manuscripts, rare books and publishing, jewelry, textiles, domestic and religious artifacts.

In Athens there are two synagogues both on the same street facing each other in an area close to the city centre. The Romaniote synagogue, the Etz Hayyim, is the older one built in 1904. It is used only during the High Holidays. The Beth Shalom Sephardic synagogue, across the street, is the newer one, built in 1935, and is used regularly.