The Athens Riviera

Few capitals can boast for such a long coastline and so many beaches. Attica, the triangular peninsula in the centre of which lies Athens, has a coastline of about 300km. Alone the coastal area of Athens, the Athens Riviera, is a 60km route from the Flisvos Marina at the end of Syngrou Avenue to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. The Riviera of Athens offers to guests various choices. Throughout the route operate dozens of modern hotel units, any kind of restaurants, from small seaside taverns to trendy restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and well organized beaches with dark blue water. Some of them are state run companies, some others are private. There are of course beaches and coves open to everybody.

All over Attica seven marinas operate. We just mention the Marina Flisvos, a mega yacht destination of high standards, where one has the chance of a leisure stroll by the sea or a coffee, drink or lunch in the numerous cafes, bars and restaurants.