The city of Athens

Athens by its testimonies proves that it has been inhabited continuously for about 5,000 years. It is the place, where democracy was born and Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles taught. It is the place, where the fine arts, such as poetry, music, literature, painting, architecture and sculpture flourished. The latter found their highest expression in the construction of the magnificent temples of the Acropolis.

In Roman times some Roman emperors adorned the city with splendid sculptures. During the byzantine era a considerable number of churches was built. And the ottoman period also left few but interesting structures.
At the same time Athens is a modern European capital city being present in the contemporary cultural life through the organization of art exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre performances and special events. Athens played host to the first and twenty- eighth modern Olympic Games. Furthermore, the authentic Marathon Race is held in Athens every year.

Not to mention the diversity of the attic landscape with its four surrounding mountains, the numerous hills and the 120 km-long coastline with plenty of bays and sandy beaches.
Athens is all this and something more: in our city you can be initiated into the famous Greek cuisine in places catering for all tastes, from plain tavernas to fancy restaurants. And you can enjoy a long night in some of the most popular haunts, in the city centre or in the Riviera.